Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Your Dog Could Star in Auckland's Pride Parade!

Does your dog fancy a life of stardom?  Here's their chance!

We're on the hunt for a pack of dogs to join us in this year's Auckland Pride Parade.  If chosen, your dog will join our resident drag queen, Kita Mean, and will sashay the length of Ponsonby Road in a sea of colour and celebration.

Interested?  There are a few things your dog will need to bear in mind:

  • They need to be available on Saturday 21 February
  • The Parade begins at 7.30pm but your dog will need to arrive by around 6.00pm
  • They must be well socialised with other dogs and humans.  There will be a lot of people viewing the parade, so if they're nervous little creatures they probably won't fit the bill.
  • They must be capable of walking the length of Ponsonby Road.  We travel at a pretty slow pace over a period of around 90 minutes so older dogs or teeny tiny dogs may struggle with the distance.
  • Finally, each dog will be fitted with a very special costume.  If your dog is particular about their wardrobe, they may prefer not to join us.

Each doggy participant will be accompanied by a human minder who will keep them on a lead, keep them watered and pick up after them if anyone decides to do a public poo!

Interested?  Email your dog's name and photograph to

Applications close on Sunday 15 February at 11pm.

1 in 3 pets go missing.  Inspector Spot helps to track them down.  If your pets are not already registered with him, visit today.

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