Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lost Cats - The First Place You Should Look

The offices of Inspector Spot are home to no less than SIXTEEN different animals.  When you consider the fact that 1 in 3 pets go missing, we naturally have the odd missing persons case here too.  Yes, we're experts at preparing pets so they don't go missing and we're super fast at locating them if they do wander, but the reality is pets will be pets.  Unless you keep them locked inside, there is still a chance that they will go missing at some stage.

Our most recent missing pet episode was just a few weeks ago when Max (our 8kg office cat) went AWOL for twenty four hours.  When he was younger, this was a reasonably common occurrence for Max.  If we didn't lock him inside before nightfall, he would conveniently fail to hear his name being called and would refuse to come indoors.  With the help of several neighbours who he bribed for food, he would happily stay away from home for several days before sauntering back as if nothing had happened.

But as he's gotten older, he's become more well behaved.   So long as he's called before nightfall, he happily comes inside for dinner then curls up on the couch for the rest of the night.

Several weeks ago, it appeared he had returned to his old routine.  Despite being called every hour from 5pm, then called again at 2am and 4am, there was no sign of this naughty little furball.  Given this had been a regular routine when he was younger, nobody worried.  But when he failed to return at dinnertime the next night, we decided to launch a bit of a search party.

Where did we locate him?  In the place that we find most missing cats - locked in the garage.  The little monkey had snuck in there while the door was open, curled up somewhere warm and ignored our calls each time we went out to see if we could find him.

If one of your cats goes missing, even for a short period of time, we recommend you check your garage first.  Garages and sheds are the single most common place for cats to turn up, so you will likely save yourself a lot of time by checking there first.

Epilogue: In an ironic twist, naughty Max staged another disappearing act the day this resource was due to be launched.  He was gone for three days this time, and was located within eight hours of sending out a mini Inspector Spot search party.  We're not sure where he went this time, but he was eventually spotted sauntering around smelling of dirt and pretending nothing had even happened.  Naughty monster!

1 in 3 Pets go missing.  Inspector Spot tracks them down.  If your pets are not registered with him, visit www.inspectorspot.co.nz to get them signed up today.

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