Monday, 17 November 2014

Keeping Your Pets Safe in an Earthquake

Earthquakes can be terrifying for pets.  Animals often sense earthquakes more deeply than humans, and can become panicked, confused and disorientated.  Here is Inspector Spot’s guide to keeping your pets safe during an earthquake:

If Your Pet is Missing

  • Visit and list them as “LOST”.  Inspector Spot will immediately send you personalised lost posters, send an alert out via facebook and twitter, and notify all vets, breeders, pet stores and rescue groups in your area.
  •  Leave your cat door and/or gate open so missing cats and dogs can pop back inside easily. 
  • Pets will typically hide during an earthquake, so grab a torch and enlist the neighbourhood kids to help you search.  Focus on your property, plus at least five houses either side.  If you have no luck, expand your search area to a 3km radius from your house.
  • If your pet eats dry food, create a Hansel and Gretel trail around the neighbourhood.  Familiar food will often bring a lost or hiding pet out and help to lead them home.
  • Wait until it is dark and quiet, and go out and search again.  Frightened animals are more likely to emerge after dark.

     Keep Your Pets Indoors

  • Keep an eye on local media.  If there is a chance of aftershocks, keep your pets indoors until the worst of them have settled down.
  • Don’t try to hold your pets during an earthquake.  They will instinctively run to hide where they are safe.  Coax them out with treats and a cuddle after the shaking has subsided.

Prepare For the Worst

  • Ensure your pets are microchipped and are wearing a collar with your contact details clearly displayed.
  • Prepare in advance by registering all of your pets at
  • Include your pets in your emergency care kit.  Ensure you include: food, a harness and lead, a favourite toy, plastic bags and paper towels, a bowl for food and water, a blanket and medication. 
  • A good carrier for each pet is also advisable, although cats or small animals can be tucked inside a pillow case if you have not prepared in advance.

1 in 3 pets go missing.  Inspector Spot finds them.  If your pets are not registered with him, visit 

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