Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Dog Theft - The 5 Most At Risk Breeds in New Zealand

Dog theft is on the increase across the world.  While the motivation for theft varies from country to country, the bottom line is that particular breeds are being targeted by thieves.

In New Zealand, it is bully breeds that are most at risk of being stolen.  The most targeted breeds are:

1.  American Bulldog
2.  American Pit Bull Terrier
3.  American Staffordshire Terrier
4.  Bull Terrier
5.  Staffordshire Bull Terrier

If one of these five breeds is a member of your family, we recommend you are extra vigilant with your dog(s).  Our guide to protecting your dog from thieves provides everything you need to know to minimise their risk of being stolen.  You can download a copy HERE.

1 in 3 Pets go missing.  Inspector Spot helps to track them down.  If your pets are not registered with him yet, visit to get them registered now.

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