Monday, 23 June 2014

Success Story - Spot

A family of dog lovers came across this old collie/huntaway cross in KeriKeri.  He was wearing his collar and chain, but there was no sign of identification anywhere.  They packed him home for the night, and enlisted Inspector Spot to help locate his family.

At 11am the next morning, Inspector Spot sent out his first alert and sent Found Pet posters to the family who had taken this old boy in.  Five hours later they had success!

From his overnight foster family:

Owner has turned up!!!

We put a sign outside our lifestyle block gate this afternoon and within 3/4 of an hour, "Spot's" owner - yes he is called "Spot", turned up.

Obviously a much loved and missed retired farm dog - very pleased to see his master.  Spot had walked quite a long way, in an attempt to follow his master on Sunday.

Well done to this family for taking the time to get a sign up outside their house, and for giving this retired boy a cosy place to stay while they tracked his owner down!

1 in 3 pets go missing.  Inspector Spot tracks them down.  If yours aren't registered with him, visit

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