Monday, 28 April 2014

Lost Pet Success Story - Ruby

Ruby is a member of Inspector Spot’s team of office cats.  Despite living among some of the most experienced pet rescuers in the country, Ruby did the unthinkable and got herself lost.  Her disappearance came as a surprise to our entire team as we are careful to follow ALL the guidelines we provide to help keep our office pets as safe as possible.  Ruby is trained to come inside around 5pm every night, she meets us at the car every time we pull up, and she is never allowed outside after dark.  Despite following all the rules, Miss Ruby went missing for three days.

For the first two, we decided to just wait for her to return.  After all, we knew our girl wasn’t fond of people she didn’t know and didn’t wander.  This meant it was highly unlikely that she had gotten lost or been picked up by a strange person.  However, when day three rolled around we decided it was time to get Inspector Spot on the case.

Armed with Inspector Spot’s professionally designed posters, and his detailed guide to locating missing cats, we worked diligently through the instructions.  Given we were a bit panicked by this stage, those instructions were invaluable.  They helped keep us calm and focused on doing what we needed to do to get our girl back.  Yes, we know all the tricks!  After all our team wrote the guide.  But it’s amazing how much you forget because you’ve started to worry about where your pet has gone.

24 hours later our girl was back!  No, we didn’t find her ourselves.  But we suddenly had a whole neighbourhood full of eyes on the lookout for her.  And in the end, we received around 30 emails, phonecalls and text messages from people who thought they had seen her.  Ruby is now well recognised in our neighbourhood and people often come up to meet the little furball they all helped to locate.

Ruby's story hits the heart of what we do at Inspector Spot - we mobilise entire teams of people to help locate every pet that is listed with us.  Many eyes make it much easier for us to locate the pets who are entrusted to our care, and help ensure their safe return home.

1 in 3 pets go missing.  Inspector Spot finds them.  If your pets are not registered with him, visit

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