Monday, 28 April 2014

Success Story - Harry & Otto

These naughty little monkeys are also members of Inspector Spot’s office crew.  Before they joined us in the office these two had several naughty little adventures – caused by someone leaving a gate slightly ajar.  If you read the materials in our resource section, you’ll know that dogs are nomadic animals so if there’s ever a chance to go on an adventure, they’ll take it.  And that’s exactly what these two did.

Harry and Otto’s most daring escape came when their mum was overseas and had left them with a house sitter.  The house sitter didn’t realise that the gate wasn’t quite locked, and between the two they managed to push it open and race off.  What did the house sitter do?  He PANICKED!  Knowing their owner worked for Inspector Spot, he was dreading having to call her to say he’d lost the dogs so he hopped in the car and started driving around the streets like a madman.  During his frantic search, he got a phonecall.  Harry and Otto’s mum had not only discovered that the boys were missing, but had located them all the way from Thailand.

How did she do it?  By following the guidelines provided by Inspector Spot.  Both boys were prepared so if they ever did escape, she would be able to locate them quickly and easily.  So quickly in fact, that they were located from halfway around the world.  For details on how these naughty boys were prepared check out our “Keeping Your Dog Safe” Guide here.

1 in 3 pets go missing.  Inspector Spot finds them.  If your pets are not registered with him, visit

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